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SexualPoliticsNow – website
A website was needed for the public end of a research project at the University of Auckland investigating pornography. The site needed to
house a range of different content types as well
as sub-projects. The site is fully client-editable via
a simple CMS backend.

Transforming Cities logo

TCI Research Initiative – identity
We worked with the client to develop an
identity in line with the university style, and
apply this across stationery and publications materials.

CODE Conference

CODE Conference – promotions
Development of visual styling for a conference focusing on digital media and code, at Swinburne University of Technology.

National Research Centre for Growth and Development

National Research Centre for Growth
and Development – brand development

We worked with the client to assess and
redevelop their identity and its application across
collateral and external communications, including

Papakura Museum

Papakura Museum – exhibition design
The entire museum was relocated and redesigned.
We worked closely with staff in redeveloping
the interpretive display, as well as managing production to a tight deadline.
The internal refit undertaken by Jasmax, and including the internal museum exhibition, won
a BRONZE AWARD at the 2011 Best Awards!

Papakura Museum website

Papakura Museum – website
We developed a simple CMS-driven website for the museum to help it promote and showcase current and upcoming events.

Univeristy of Auckland - Exposure 11

The University of Auckland – promotional
This year's promotional graphics for the School
of Graduate Studies' research exposition took an energetic turn.

Diabetes Projects Trust

Ka Pai Awards – logo
The University of Auckland's Creative Arts Institute wanted a funky little awards logo.

Solar Saver

100%RenewableNZ – campaign promotions
This nation-wide campaign promotesing the use of
100% renewable energy. We helped develop
branding and promotional collateral for its launch.

Papakura Arts website

Papakura District Council – website
An arts portal website, incorporating community
venue sites, for arts promotion and community development.

Univeristy of Auckland - NICAI

NICAI/School of Music – CD packaging
The University of Auckland's Chamber Choir required an elegent packaging solution for a recent international tour.

Techos identity

NZFVTG – identity consolidation
We consolidated the existing NZ Film and Video Technicians Guild identity and developed a set of
application guidelines.

NZTECHO newsletter

NZFVTG – publication redesign
We helped The Techos' Guild redevelop their key
member publication, giving it a more contemporary

WDHB - Travel planning resources

Waitemata DHB – behaviour change communicaitons
We developed a range of internal communications for DHB hospitals to support sustainable travel behaviours amongst staff.

Diabetes Projects Trust

Diabetes Projects Trust – health education
We worked with the client to develop educational resources targetting at-risk groups for diabetes. Leaflets were translated into languages such as Maori, Somali, Dari and Arabic.

350 Aotearoa campaign materials

350 Aotearoa – campaign material
We volunteered some of our time to develop
promotional collateral for the 350 campaign
10:10:10 event.


Supplejack – website
We helped the client in developing their site, using a simple WordPress-based content-management system.

DOC - Words on a Wing

Department of Conservation – promotions
For International Year of Biodiversity we helped
The Department of Conservation develop
educational resources highlighting NZ's own
biodiversity issues.

Univeristy of Auckland - Exposure 09

The University of Auckland – promotions
A range of display and promotional materials
were needed for the School of Graduate Studies'
annual research exposition.

Univeristy of Auckland - Exposure

NZ Geographical Society – conference promo
Display and promotional materials for the NZ
Geographical Society's international Agri-food conference.

NZIA identity

NZIA – identity development
The NZ Institute of Accupuncture needed a distinctive identity. We developed a strikingly
simple solution.

NICAI Creative Research

NICAI – promotions
We developed a set of promotional materials for
The University of Auckland's National Institute of
Creative Industries promoting their postgraduate courses.


ARTA – behaviour change campaign
We helped develop, produce and manage a sustainable transport campaign targetting students at The Univeristy of Auckland and AUT. Student participation was a key element in developing and implementing the campaign.

North Shore City Council

North Shore City Council – survey mapping tool
We helped develop a journey survey tool
for North Shore City to help it assess and better implement sustainable transport options. Using
open-source database and mapping tools it allows data to be organised via a simple web interface.

Ocean Voices

Ocean Voices – conference promotions
The South Pacific Whale Research Consortium
celebrated 10 years with a conference of
international speakers. We developed a range
of promotions to assist them.

Cycling Advocates Network

Cycling Advocates Network – identity development
The national voice for kiwi cyclists neede a bolder identity and more cohesive marketing materials.

Cycling Advocates Network

Cycling Advocates Network – promotions
A range of new marketing materials were
developed, including these display banners.

Diabetes Projects Trust

Diabetes Project Trust – health education
This mini-comic helps kids learn about healthy
eating. Targetting at-risk groups for diabetes, it
was produced in a number of different languages including English, Maori, Samoan and

Diabetes Projects Trust

Diabetes Project Trust – health education
A series of posters promotes positive, health-supporting behaviour for kids to work alongside engagement campaigns within schools.


Film Tourism – website
A German-based company offering film toursim services wanted a self-managed website. We developed a simple WordPress-based solution.

Connected Media

Connected Media Trust – identity development
An organisation promoting media for sustainability needed a identity refresh.

Connected Media

Connected Media Trust – website
The client needed a new website with e-commerce functionality.

Peace Foundation

The Peace Foundation – website
We helped The Peace Foundation reorganise their site, implementing a fulll CMS, with a simple visual styling.